Anna Nocon Oil Therapy

“I work with people and for people. It is my passion and my motto”



About me

My name is Anna Nocoń, I have been a body and soul therapist for several years. I took up massages in 2000. At first as a hobby, then following my heart and stimulated by the curiosity of the world.

An ever greater engagement and enormous passion, which I discovered, triggered opening a massage studio called a Massage Gallery. I was inspired by numerous massage techniques, I traveled and improved my knowledge of working with the body and mind. The mind has become my instrument, which I started to learn in a completely different way. I discovered the mystery of working with the subconsciousness and I devoted myself entirely to it. My whole world has changed. A new perspective on working with the body enabled me to undergo a great internal change, both in my private life and professional work with the Clients.

A personal and emotional development, expanding my knowledge on health, improving my practical abilities and finally unique skills and tools initiated the development of my activity and enabled me to show that a massage is not only an element of physical health but also a perfect emotional balance, and consequently good looks, extremely important for so many people. Thus, cosmetology has become my complementary direction of development.

My greatest inspiration was Dr. Sergiej Schurevich, an outstanding expert in the field of massages, under whose supervision I graduated from the international Manualistic Aestetic School. Full of passion for work, love for people and with my head full of ideas I took up another challenge: after 2 years of my activity, in December 2013, I opened my own ANNA NOCON health & beauty studio.

Holistic cosmetic treatment studio

Today, it is my satisfied Clients who are my greatest inspiration and success, who allowed me to be myself and made me realize that Anna Nocon is not only me. Anna Nocon is my philosophy, my ideas, engagement and emotions. It is a way of giving people happiness, care, well-being and beautiful looks. Finally, Anna Nocon is a team of fantastic people, who help me to do good in the world and make my dreams come true. Not only my own. This is how a new BRAND was created, a new QUALITY, which began to set standards in the beauty business.

I am using the word ?beauty?, not ?cosmetics? because the latter seems to limit us and does not express the essence of beauty. In our studio beauty treatments take on a new dimension and they are no longer just cosmetics. They become a process occurring deep in our mind and heart. Beauty is a way of thinking about yourself, a twinkle in your eye, energy, happiness, love, peace. The way we feel and look like are affected by the environment we come from, standards we see at home, relationships with people, work, the nearest family, physical activity, our diet, thoughts and feelings ? each aspect of our life. Beauty is in everyone of us.

The philosophy of beauty we are discussing is a reflection of a holistic approach to life. This perspective on a human being involves perceiving a person as one indivisible hole, which consists of a physical, mental and spiritual element. There is a close dependency between these spheres. This is exactly what I am trying to convey in my new holistic concept of beauty ? Anna Nocon Oil Therapy.

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